Our mission is to remove barriers that keep people from Jesus, and one way that you can do that where you are is through starting a watch party. A watch party is a gathering of people connecting with each other and engaging with Traders Point Online. 

We encourage all those hosting watch parties to do so in a safe and welcoming environment that considers current state and local guidelines.

I’m ready to host a watch party. What comes next?


  • Pray and reflect over the people God has brought into your life and that He would show you which of those people He wants you to invite.
  • Start inviting! Invite those people that God has shown you and invite some friends from Traders Point to be on mission with you at the watch party. Together you can help create a welcoming environment for new people.
  • Hosting a watch party can happen anywhere! It doesn’t need to be in your home. We encourage you to utilize any safe and welcoming space you have access to. This could be in a restaurant, gym, park, business, public space, there are a lot of options available!


  • Host in a safe and welcoming environment. In this season, consider meeting in an outdoor space, asking guests to wear masks, providing hand sanitizer, etc.
  • Connect with guests and help them feel comfortable and connected with others at the watch party.
  • Encourage friends from Traders Point to initiate conversations with people they don’t know to help create a welcoming environment.