Talking to your kids about Biblical sexuality & gender identity can feel like one of the scariest things to discuss. You might be asking yourself:

How old should they be?

How do I bring it up?

What do I say?

We’ve put together some faith-based resources to help you navigate these conversations. We believe God intended for Christian parents to be their children’s primary sex educators.

You want to be a safe, trusted source that your child can come to with questions, curiosities, concerns, and struggles. Be as honest as possible and embrace any discomfort you may feel. We encourage you to start these age-appropriate conversations early and often. Regularly having honest conversations establishes your home as a safe space for your child to ask questions.

You are not alone on this journey! Check out the resources below and remember that you can always reach out to a pastor if there’s anything our team can do or can be praying for.

You can reach the Traders Point Kids staff at

You can reach the Traders Point Youth staff at