Welcome to Financial Foundations 

The Bible has so much to say about personal finance. In fact, there are around 2,350 verses on money and possessions. Dealing with money can be a source of stress. It not only impacts our pocketbooks; it can cause tension in marriages and other relationships. It also impacts our mental and emotional health, especially if there’s no money left at the end of the month or we just can’t get ahead. 

In Financial Foundations, you’ll be part of a group led by a trained volunteer who will help you take steps toward financial health. The sessions in this five-week class are designed to: give you a framework on money; teach you how to honor God with how you spend, save, and give; and help you become more strategic, create margin, get out of debt, and have bigger impact with money. 
  • The five-week groups will start the week of October 30.
  • When you register, you’ll have the option of a Zoom group or an in-person group.
  • Specific class times and days will be viewable in the registration form.
  • We anticipate the Zoom groups to last approximately 75 minutes.
  • We anticipate the in-person groups to last approximately 90 minutes.
  • If you're married, we believe you’ll achieve the best possible results if you attend a group with your spouse. Please include them when you register.
  • If you're interested in being part of this class, please join the interest list by clicking the button below. Once you are on this list, we will let you know more details and alert you when registration goes live.
If you have additional questions, please reach out to Cade Stockwell at cstockwell@tpcc.org.