The Ascent 121 Prayer Journey is an opportunity for you to drive through the near east side of Indianapolis and pray for areas affected by human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Through this experience you will learn more about the child welfare system, the juvenile justice system, different ways that teens are drawn into trafficking and recovery services that are available to survivors. Guided prayer stops allow you to pray for survivors, teens at risk, educators, social service providers, juvenile justice staff, law enforcement, ministries and organizations. It is advised to consider the content of the conversation and the maturity of the child prior to bringing them. A parent must accompany participants under 18. The experience begins with an online orientation sent to you prior to the event. At the selected date, you meet to receive needed materials for the self-guided drive to multiple locations around the city. The length of the event depends on how long you spend at each location, but averages between 2 and 2-1/2 hours total. Your journey begins in the parking lot at the Indiana Department of Child Services and concludes at the Ascent 121 Therapeutic Recovery Center with a debrief for your group to process their experience.

What should participants wear?

Participants will be in their car the majority of the journey. We do not recommend getting out of the car at the stops as the entities do not know you are coming. Attire is casual.

What should participants bring?

Participants will be given necessary materials at the first stop. It is most helpful for groups to plan their carpool ahead of time.