The social workers who care for abused and neglected children have difficult jobs. They see, hear, and navigate very dark situations every day. The turnover rate for child welfare professionals is very high, and we know that frequent changes in caseworkers result in poorer outcomes for children. We want to show them the love of Jesus through our appreciation so that they can continue their work.

One of the ways we can show appreciation is through creating office supply gift packages for social workers.

Step 1: Purchase the items listed below.  You may create as many packages as you like, but for reference, most DCS offices have about 150 people, and private agencies generally have 10-20 people. Please ensure that all items are new and do not include business logos. If you want to include gifts cards, they should be no more than $20/each. Gifts can include things like:

● Post its

● Post it tabs

● Flair Pens

● Sharpies

● Dry erase markers

● Mechanical pencils

● Fun paperclips/binder clips

● Fun pushpins

● Small notebook

● Bag or box big enough to hold each item (gender neutral)

● Blank card or thank you card

Step 2: Create your gift packages. Write a handwritten note thanking the social worker for what they do.

Step 3: Pray for the social workers who receive your gifts.

Step 4: Completed gifts can be dropped off at the Northwest Campus (6590 S Indianapolis Rd) to the attention of Emily Day (