Traders Point supports a large number of foster families in the Indianapolis area, and we want to provide opportunities to serve these families! Many of these families are balancing foster care requirements (phone calls, supervised visits, court dates) in addition to their regular family calendars. As a way to encourage them, we would like to provide activity kits for the whole family to relax and spend time together. 

Step 1: Learn more about foster care by visiting this website

Step 2: Decide what type of activity kit you would like to assemble and collect each of the items. Please keep in mind that any snack food items must be individually wrapped, store bought, non-perishable, and may not have nuts. Consider a pizza/DoorDash/UberEats gift card to cover dinner. Below are 2 options for activity kits, but feel free to come up with other ideas:

- Movie Night Kit: PG rated DVD, gift card for dinner, plastic utensils, microwave popcorn, popcorn tins, candy without nuts, bottled drinks, fuzzy blanket.

- Game Night Kit: 1 or 2 family-friendly games (like Uno, Sorry, Monopoly, etc.), gift card for dinner, boxed cake mix, cupcake tins, cake frosting.

**NOTE** Please provide everything necessary for the kit. All items must fit in ONE tub or gift bag.

Step 3:  Once you’ve prepared all the items for the activity kit, spend some time praying for the families who will enjoy them. You are welcome to write a message of encouragement to enclose in the kit. Please place all the items in a plastic tub or bag with labeled with the name of the activity (i.e. Activity Kit: Movie Night). 

Step 4: Contact Elly Hoffer ( to arrange a time to drop off the kits.