Outreach Stories

“I never expected that a foreign church would be able to build a church and support the children in my community, but now I can see it. I believe that it is a blessing to have a church in my community because my neighbors will be able to hear the Word of God and many children in my community will learn the Word of God."
-Juvenal Arroyo Salas, father of a sponsored child

"The construction of the church gives us a great opportunity to reach children and mothers of the community and its’ surroundings. This gave us the chance to share with them the love of God. We have had the opportunity to teach foundational skills through workshops and deliver Bibles to families so they can start reading the Word of God for themselves and their children. Now that the construction is finished, we can fully focus on the spiritual growth of the families and their relationship with Christ."

"Mission trips are full of crazy experiences and they tend to push you beyond your comfort zone, but I’ve found that’s where God is able to work. When we leave our comfortable reality behind and step into a new culture and experience, we open up the door for God to do amazing things in and through us. You’ll get to serve and share Jesus in ways you’ve never experienced before, and you’ll be changed as a result. Sometimes, it takes traveling across the world and outside of our everyday lives to hear from God."

Betsy went on Back2Back Ministries mission trips to Nicaragua and Mexico.