Heather's Story


Heather and Keegan Alexander went to Awaken Vision Night and took the Awaken commitment card home to pray over it. They took a step in faith and committed an amount to give without knowing if Heather would get the job she applied for or what her income would be. When Heather found out she got the job, she learned it was $5 an hour less than the job she was currently working at, but they decided to keep their original Awaken commitment since they had prayed over it.

Two months later, Keegan received a raise, and Heather's paid time off from her old job paid out, which enabled them to pay off her car, which is almost $500 a month. They feel like they are doing better now financially than they were with the higher-paying job!

Heather says, “It's God's money, not mine, and I’m learning I should take care of it. Before I came to Traders Point, I was very unsafe with my money. I was overdrafting accounts, getting payday loans, buying food stamps from people, and spending money as soon as it hit my pocket. Now, I don't overdraft, I tithe, and I am fulfilling my Awaken commitment. I feel safe with my paycheck now.”

Although there is still a daily struggle, Heather says, “God has always made sure we had enough; now we live a life of peace.”