People are messy.
Relationships are complicated.
Emotions are unpredictable. 

Most of us would probably agree that the thing that makes life so worthwhile and fulfilling is relationships. And we’d also agree that the thing that makes life so complicated and painful is relationships. This is because we were made for them—we were built to connect with each other—especially with that pinnacle of all relationships, the one with that “significant other.”

God’s Word has a lot to say about relationships, so we’re going to talk about why that is, what can go wrong, and how God is at work in all of it.

This isn’t just a marriage series.
It’s a relationship series.

We’ll address some of these questions head on—even some things you’ve wondered if we’re allowed to talk about in church. Regardless of your current relationship status, this is going to be challenging and encouraging. And regardless of what you believe or where you stand with God, we believe you’ll find this next series to be helpful and hopeful.

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