Racial Reconciliation

We don’t have a race problem in America, we have a racism problem, and God calls us, His Church, to speak into it. Racism is group prejudice coupled with institutional power and it has been killing all of us from the beginning of time. Let suffering speak, be part of the solution by taking meaningful action, and draw hope from the greatest justice warrior that ever lived–Jesus Christ.

The most important question we, the Body of Christ, can ask right now with regard to systemic racism and injustice is, ‘What is God’s heart and what does He require?’ The Church has an important responsibility to lead the way, not just in speech, but in action and love. By following Christ’s example of humility, we can begin to do the hard work of repenting, listening, and seeing all human beings as fellow image-bearers of God. Let Jesus change our minds so that our actions might follow.

This page is intended to help resource people who follow Jesus as we deepen our understanding of racism and its history in our country. Please use your own discretion for age-appropriateness and sensitive themes. Views and opinions expressed by authors are their own.