Showing God’s Love to Vulnerable Kids

Foster families provide stable homes for children who cannot live with their biological parents or guardians. Foster parents open their homes and hearts to children in need.

Placements are intended to be temporary while the birth parent or guardian prepares to reunify with the children. However, parental rights may be terminated, and adoption from the foster system may be an option.

Foster families are needed to care for children of all ages, abilities, and cultures. Families decide which children are placed within their homes (ages, genders, number of children, and behavior and medical issues).

Indiana requires foster families to complete a licensing process. Typically, families take four to six months for licensing. The Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) or the Licensed Child Placement Agency (LCPA) provides information for the first step to fostering.

Foster families receive financial reimbursement for childcare costs, and TPCC offers grants to our foster families to help cover out of pocket expenses such as childcare, schooling, trauma education or counseling (for parents or children), and extracurricular activities. 

Contact our Foster & Adoption Ministry team for more information on foster placement, foster grants, starting the application process and finding support from a local church in Indianapolis.