Resources and Support for Adoptive Families

Both globally and nationally, children need forever homes. Opportunities abound to bring a child into your family through adoption. 

Domestic Adoptions

Domestic adoptions typically involve infants, but adopting older children through the foster care system is another option.

Private agencies or adoption attorneys facilitate most domestic adoptions. Usually, domestic adoption is birth-parent driven, meaning the birth parents select the adoptive family.

International Adoptions

Approximately 15 million children worldwide await placement with a forever family. Many of these children have been abandoned by birth parents or orphaned. These children, ranging in age from infants to teens, reside in foster homes or orphanages.

Each country has a different set of eligibility requirements for potential adoptive parents. International adoption agencies can help facilitate these adoptions.

A considerable number of international adoptions involve special needs children. The term “special needs” may intimidate potential parents. However, many special needs children would not be placed within that category in the United States.

Traders Point grants may help with costs associated with international and domestic adoptions.